Guideline for CSM exam of Scrum Alliance

Scrum入门基础之敏捷 Agile Scrum框架精髓

You will soon receive or already received the membership welcome email from Scrum Alliance.  Please remember to check your Spam folder if you haven’t received it yet.  Please read the following before you take the CSM online test: 

– You are required to complete the test within 90 days of receiving the welcome email from Scrum Alliance

– You have 2 test attempts included in the training fee

– If you failed the both attempts, you can pay US$25 to buy additional attempt

– The test has 35 multiple choice questions, you must answer at least 24 questions correctly

– You are required to take the test alone

– Each test session is time-boxed at 60 minutes (it may has changed to other length of time-box, please read the online test instruction on the testing page carefully while you start the test)

– You will be notified about your test result right after you submit the test answers for all 35 questions

– When you passed the exam, you need to re-login to ScrumAlliance website with the username in the welcome email, you can download certification in the Dashboard after Claiming Membership.


Here is the suggestions:

– Please note that my CSM training is not designed specifically for you to just get a high score on the test, it is also with focus on understanding and applying Scrum pragmatically in your work

– Please complete the test ASAP while your knowledge and learning is still fresh (remember DoD and Cycle-Time, cost of delay concepts)

– Please take the English version of test, other languages versions may have problem with translations

– Please find a good stable network environment to take the test

– It takes you normally 30 minutes to complete all 35 questions

– The test will mostly test you around the following important topics: 3 roles, 3 artifacts, 5 events/ceremonies, Potential Shippable Product Increment, Sprint Burndown Chart, Release Burndown Chart, Agile manifesto, Agile Principles, and Empirical Process control (3 legs of the Process Control)

– As warm-up before the test, please read through the Scrum Guide, and quickly read through the reference slides deck we have shared to you

– While you take the test, please ensure to have the Scrum Guide, the slides deck, and class workbook (if any) handy

– In the event that you fail the 1st attempt, don’t panic, please send me an email and I will provide help to you to help you pass the 2nd attempt smoothly.  

– Contact me if you have any other questions or concerns. 


Keep moving forward to CSP level! Have Fun & Good Luck!

(ps: You can report 16 PDU for CSM/CSPO course, “Technical / Leadership / Strategy 6/6/4” for reference)

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